Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bath time has never been so fun

The girls truly enjoy bath time. I can't exactly say the same for myself- most of my energy is spent on insisting that they sit down before they slip in the tub, and I'm quite relieved to get them out of there once we're finished. But when Dad makes it home in time to help out, bathtime truly is the best part of our day.

Here are our little "Hershey Kisses:"

And here we torture them with hooded towels:


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Joel and I love seeing our nieces! How hilarious! We can't help but crack up at those girls. You are so blessed and look like life is always an adventure! We miss you all so much, but are so glad we can see them on here and get our "Twinski" fix in the mean time!

Anonymous said...

awesome! i love that both the blue mat thingie and the hooded towels are featured prominently in these videos. :)

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