Monday, December 8, 2008

We finally can stop calling them "Cousin It"

I'm once again neglecting this blog! I'd like to blame it on the fact that time has been limited with Joey being out of town for work last week and part of this week - but truthfully, we haven't been up to a whole lot! However, we did take the girls for their very first hair cut this past weekend, and Joey managed to get some video of the event. Here are a couple clips! (ha - "clips")

Anna getting her hair cut, with Daddy showing her the video camera (with the screen turned around so she can see herself as a great distraction). You can see just how bad she needed some bangs since she keeps trying to push her hair away from her face and looks generally annoyed that they are in her way!

And Anna finishing up - with Margaret running in to the scene at the end. And then the video abruptly ends as the destructive twosome manage to take out an entire shelf of shampoo and conditioner bottles. It's getting interesting to take them out in public.


rachael said...

oh bummer, i can't get the videos to work. i bet they look cuter than ever with their new dos! can't wait to see them!

BuckeyeBundle said...

oh my goodness. they are just too cute! Little girl bangs are the best! They stayed pretty still, well at least until the shampoo, but of course that looked like a fun many bottles can I knock down by only touching one? So funny!

glad to have you's crazy how this time of the year is always extra busy. We understand!

Annie said...

They look precious. I like the hair cut.

Anonymous said...

yaaaay for posting! i absolutely love the bangs - too cute. :) xo, A

Lisa said...

Katie! The girls look adorable!! I was very impressed with Anna's ability to sit really still for the haircut...there is no way Natalie whose a year older could even have sat still for 20 seconds!! Bravo!