Friday, August 1, 2008

Catching up on some photos...and tangential stories

My parents came to visit us last weekend and brought with them a CD of photos from their first birthday celebration in St. Louis last month. I uploaded those photos to our web gallery, but thought I'd pick out a few of my favorite.

Anna's signature thumb suck - I love how she always hooks her finger around her nose

This photo cracks me up - check out their annoyed faces when we put on the birthday hats

Their favorite trick right now - putting their hands in the air when we say "Hands Up!"

Our first ride on a carousel - Margaret absolutely loving it

Anna - not so much

Margaret was desperate for another turn and couldn't believe the ride was over

Showing their determination in attempting to scale the slide

Totally loving climbing up this plastic tube

Not quite comfortable in the prickly grass

On an unrelated note, Joey and I test drove a Honda Odyssey minivan today, and we loved it. I make myself a little nauseous just writing that - if you'd have asked me 2 years ago if I would ever consider buying a minivan, my answer would be a definitely no, no way, never gonna do it. But seriously, this thing rides like a dream, has an infinite amount of storage space for the caravan of junk we take along while traveling with the girls, and you just push these little buttons and presto!, the doors close. Purchasing a car that gets a mere 16 miles to the gallon in this economy seems like a sin - but I've still got my head wrapped around buying a car that doesn't feel like the clown car I'm driving around town right now.

On the way to the dealership, I asked Joey if he feels like his fun and crazy bachelorhood is truly long gone since he's taking his wife and 2 kids to look at minivans. You know what he said? That he loves his family so very much, and that this is exactly what he wants to be doing. I truly married the right man, and 2 days ago, as we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary over a romantic dinner and a dozen roses that he brought home for me, I was reminded of how lucky and blessed I am. I love you, baby. You are an incredible husband and father.

July 31, 2004

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana


Kim said...

Happy Anniversary Katie & Joey! I can't believe you want to buy a minivan, but I've heard how well they drive. If you end up buying one, post a picture of it!

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary! I never EVER pictured myself driving a minivan either and now I love having it. Those power doors are a life saver!
Oh and I adore the pics on the carousel and the one of the girls with their birthday hats on! I bet one day you'll look back at that photo of you on the carousel and cry. (in a 'my baby's all grown up' way)

Harris Boys said...

aw katie, what a beautiful and joey look wonderful in your wedding pic. its hard to imagine your life without the girls. we feel the same way about our boys.

we have also looked into the honda minivan...I swore I would NEVER get one either, but I think after our trip to fl next week we are gonna wish we had one....

love all the pics of the girls...I just adore the one of you and margaret on the carousel, you need that one framed..just beautiful!!!!!!

the schirano triplets said...

happy anniversary!!!

i love the pictures of the girls, both from their birthday and from the carousel. by the way, we have the same polka dot outfits for the girls, in the same colors :)

minivans...they seem to be the ultimate acceptance of getting older :)

Cheryl Lage said...

Awwwww! Happy Belated Anniversary!
(What a gorgeous couple y'all make!)

The pictures are priceless...our single shots of our babies' first baths read very similarly --- one yay, one nay!

Thanks for the photo update. :)

Megs said...

:-D You and Joey make my heart go pitter-patter. Happy anniversary - y'all and the girls are so beautiful. *BIG HUGS*

BuckeyeBundle said...

I've been meaning to comment all week, but keep getting sidetracked....with that said....I LOVE All of the pictures. So sweet and cute. I especially love "hands up" because I imagine that's what my girls will do too, since I already say that to them so many times a day now. haha! Also, Happy Anniversary to you guys! So cool. What a beautiful family!

ps...and you'll have to post about the minivan updates, because I am still in denial that I may someday have to give up my SUV. I just keep thinking that a minivan doesn't have enough room behind that 3rd row and how hard it would be to have a car seat in the 3rd row. So of course I am justifying my SUV in my head because I can fit 3 car seats across my 2nd row and can keep the 3rd row folded down if we need the storage room. I admit I'm in denial. ha!