Thursday, August 28, 2008


Every night, after we put the girls to bed, Joey and I go through the living room and kitchen and put back the myriad of toys strewn about the house - a hurricane clean-up of sorts.  In the past week, I've found the following items in rather odd places:
  • My car keys in the dryer
  • One of the girls' shoes in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator
  • My cell phone in their playhouse
  • Cheerios in the bottom of my shoe
  • The TV remote control in the storage drawer below our oven
  • Hair clips in the tupperware cabinet
And you know what?  Finding these little things always makes me smile - because they are just little end of the day reminders that we have these lovely - and very, very busy - little ladies in our lives.
Taken in May 2008: The last time they ever sat still long enough to get a picture of them together.  


BuckeyeBundle said...

That's great! I love it. Your posts ALWAYS make me laugh, smile or both. You can tell your house is filled and overflowing with love and fun. So blessed!

Harris Boys said...

cheerios in your shoes...haha. I bet that's fun when you step inside. we also have the tornado clean up each night..that's what we like to call

the schirano triplets said...

hahaha! i can't wait! we also have the crazy clean ups every night too, but ours is limited to a few locations. for now.

Linda said...

LOL....I love it! Esp the shoe in the veggie drawer! You've got active happy girls!