Sunday, June 8, 2008

Her new nickname is "Rosy"

Poor Margaret has had a rough couple of days, with 2 trips to the pediatrician's office for a recurring ear infection and a 4-day fever. We thought we were only dealing with said ear infection, and treating accordingly with antibiotics until she woke up this morning from her morning nap, covered in red and white spots. Another trip to the pediatrician (thank goodness for Sunday hours) gave us a diagnosis of roseola - from which, apparently, cousin Natalie recently recovered, and so I hear it's quite common. Though her new hue of red and white polka dots was a little alarming, the break in the fever and the return of our sweet, fun-loving Margaret is really a welcome change from her mood over the past few days. We've felt so sorry for her - she's been lethargic, exhausted, has had no appetite, and most of all, wants nothing to do with her quite energetic sister Anna - perhaps the biggest sign that something was wrong. Margaret rarely sits still - so to see her lay down in the middle of the floor with her face on the carpet for minutes at a time was both sad and worrisome.

Thankfully, the fever broke yesterday afternoon, just in time for a quick dip in the new whale-shaped baby pool in the backyard. I've never wanted to jump into a baby pool so bad as I have the past few days - it's been incredibly hot here in Nashville, with a high of 95 degrees today. What's with the hot weather so early in the summer? Anna and Margaret acted as if they'd won the lottery as soon as they saw Dad inflating this thing - and went completely bananas as we were filling it up. All intentions were to get them back into the house and in their bathing suits before letting them take a plunge - but they were so excited to try it out (i.e. attempting to throw themselves in headfirst from the sides of the pool) that we just let them go straight in, fully clothed.

Good friend Tony was in town from Louisville and the girls loved the extra attention from him. Here he entertains:

Margaret expressing her sheer joy

It was a bright day!

Anna had another opportunity to splash around today, while Margaret took a marathon 3 hour afternoon nap (I guess roseola is an energy drainer!). I thought she'd enjoy the individual attention - but she seemed to miss her sister. We loaded up the pool with various toys, and her best buddy Dad even jumped into the frigid water with her - but guess what she was, by far, the most enamored with? The garden hose, of course.

We had such a great weekend - hope you all did as well!


the schirano triplets said...

i am sorry to hear that margaret was sick, but happy to hear that she is now feeling better. it looks like they really enjoyed that pool, i still need to blow ours up but i am stalling because i hate doing it!

Karolyn said...

How fun! I love the new pool addition to your yard! I bet the girls did have a blast!