Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's just a matter of time before something gets broken

We've been at my parents' house in St. Louis for just under 12 hours - and in that time, Anna and Margaret have managed to do the following:

- Called 3 people on my parents' call list on their phone and probably left some interesting "breather" voice mails. What is it with the fascination with the phone? Of course, minimal interest has been shown to the Fisher Price play cell phone that we purchased for them.

- Broke a piece off of the vacuum

- Made several loops around the kitchen island while pushing the step stool

- Attempted to swipe 3 breakable items off the table

- Made a very valiant effort at climbing on top of the fireplace and throwing themselves headfirst into the fireplace screen

- Climbed up and down the stairs about 9 times (Nana and I are getting a workout following them)

- Roped my father into the "let's see how many times you pick up my sippy cup after I throw it off this highchair" game. He lasted about 11 pick-ups - what a patient grandpa.

- Nearly successfully knocked down 2 end tables

- Placed fingerprints all over Nana's bathroom mirrors

- Banged the remote control repeatedly on the glass top coffee table

All of the toys that Nana bought for them? Untouched. My parents' belongings are going to be stacked up vertically to the ceiling by the time we're out of here.

I can forgive them for all of this, though, after sleeping soundly for 5 hours straight as we drove here last night, without as much as a peep. That, and the cute thing they did yesterday while watching "Clifford the Big Red Dog" (they both stuck their tongue out simultaneously as they watched Clifford lapping up a big bowl of water) gives me enough energy for Round 2 of house destruction when they get up from their morning nap in the next half hour. Off to get a shower and take advantage of the quiet time!

Your cuteness saves you, my dears


Harris Boys said...

hahah sounds very familiar :) Katie, they are so cute...I love that grandpa played for 11 rounds...LOL too funny!!

Megs said...

You were so incredibly wrong the other day when you claimed that you're "not a very good or entertaining writer" . . . i meant to say something that day, but i will proceed now. i pretty much laugh (or snort!) out loud every time i read an entry! You are so descriptive and SO good at capturing the funny and the endearing. i LOVE reading this blog. And it makes me feel like i'm caught up with you - and Anna and Margaret. Of course, i still need to pay you a visit . . . ;-)
Have fun in St. Louis!

the schirano triplets said...

aww katie, it sounds very much like my days! thank goodness you have two extra sets of hands around for this adventure :) we also make a lot of breather phone calls around here...

BuckeyeBundle said...

heavy breather phone calls.....cracking me up!

love the run-down of offenses and love even more the caption below the adorable pic....good thing their cute. So funny! Have a nice visit with your parents!