Monday, July 14, 2008

A few disjointed pics and stories...

Yesterday was one of those messed up days that makes it hard to be a parent of twins - the girls were on completely opposite schedules to the extent that the minute Anna went down for her afternoon nap, Margaret woke up - so neither of us ever really got an afternoon break free of chasing babies around the house. It was beautiful outside so Joey suggested I take Margaret for a walk in a stroller while he stayed in the house, waiting for Anna to wake up from her nap. I gladly accepted the opportunity to not only get out of the house and get some fresh air, but also the chance to feel what it was like to just take 1 kid out. I put Margaret in a cheap umbrella stroller - 2 of which I had purchased months ago at Babies R Us for $9.99, but had never really used. And I cannot tell you how weird it felt to push one baby in a very light stroller, instead of using all my strength to push an unwieldy and ridiculously heavy double stroller up and down our hilly neighborhood. I'm not sure I even broke a sweat pushing her around. When I got to the park and was putting her in a swing, a man with his 2-year old son started talking to me and asking how old Margaret was, and I found myself, before even answering his question about her age, telling him that she was a twin. I felt silly saying that, realizing that he didn't even need to know that information and it was completely irrelevant to the conversation - but somehow, I felt as if I was ignoring Anna by not mentioning her. Weird, huh?

After we returned from the park, Anna woke up from her nap, and so Joey got out the other umbrella stroller and we took a spin around the neighborhood to take advantage of the break in the humidity and the beautiful late afternoon sunshine. Although it's not a good picture of the girls, we snapped one just to document their little adventure in their own strollers. I think they seemed to enjoy sitting in their own seat, free of pestering hands next to them!

(And onto a completely unrelated story...) I just checked on the girls a few minutes ago in their cribs and found them in funny sleeping positions. Neither Anna nor Margaret have ever shown any attachment to a blanket or stuffed animal, no matter how much I've loaded up their cribs with little softies and cute bunnies and bears (in the futile attempt to find something besides me to soothe them in the middle of the night...). So I was completely shocked when I found Margaret wrapped around this cute pink teddy bear. She even has her lips pressed up to its mouth! And her little diapered rear end just makes me smile.

Anna, on the other hand, decided to cuddle up next to a nice shiny piece of metal. When I put her down for her nap, she was desperate to hold this little antique sterling silver baby cup that we have on display on her dresser, and wouldn't stop screaming/furiously pointing at it until I gave it to her. Whatever works, I say.

Somehow, no matter how I put her down in the crib, she always manages to wiggle a leg in between the crib slats - a problem exacerbated by our taking the bumpers off their cribs. Yet after witnessing them attempting to scale the sides of the crib by using their bumpers as leverage, I'm not willing to take a chance and put them back on. Can't win, can you?


Kerry Lynn said...

Hi :-)

I ALWAYS tell of my other twin if I'm out alone with the other. I have even TRIED to not say something but it just comes out.

I need to get a neat and tidy cottage!

Em said...


I love this blog. Thanks for telling us about it! You are so down to Earth with a positive yet realistic outlook on life as a mom. I am blessed to know you and I consider it a pleasure! Keep those everyday stories and pics coming please!

Emily W.

Pam said...

katie, how did i keep missing your blog? your girls are so beautiful and they seem so fun. aw!