Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How little we knew

You'd think the girls' first birthday would put a moratorium on any sentimental, "flash back" type of posts on this blog. But after going through our camera the other night and pulling old videos off of it, I couldn't resist not sharing one from the first few days of their lives.

Seeing the girls so itty bitty is really sweet. I can't believe they were that alien-like - I mean cute and tiny - just one year ago. But I pulled this video in particular because I really have to laugh at myself for the following (enumerated, because I'm that nerdy) reasons:

1) My voice sounds ridiculously chipper and full of energy (and awfully cheesy as well). I think this may have been the most energy I had for the next 7 months or so, and I must have been still experiencing the after-delivery euphoria of having brand new babies (and the luxury of having nurses taking care of them for the majority of the three days I was in the hospital). Someone should have clued me in at the hospital that Anna and Margaret didn't sleep for those 3 hours between each feeding, as I naively thought. I think I was seriously under the impression that once the nurse took the babies back to the nursery after I was finished feeding them, they would just soundly sleep until they were wheeled back in to our hospital room for the next feeding (and dumped on my lap by the nurse like a sack of potatoes, as I vividly recall).

2. I'm kind of freaking out in that video about that tiny bit of spit-up from Anna. Little did I know that that little bit was just the beginning of a deluge of spit-up over the next 6 months. It was a long time before I stopped smelling like curdled milk all day. The day after the girls were born, one of the girls spit up for the first time and I recall demanding that Joey go down to the nurse's station to fetch a nurse and have her come check on the baby to see if that was normal. We must have given that nurse a good "clueless new parent" story to chuckle about.

3. I wonder if I can get the girls to lay there and calmly stare at each other like that again?

Nah, I doubt it.


the schirano triplets said...

it is so hard not to flash back...even if you don't want to! i love the video, they look so teeny and precious. well, they are still precious, just a lot bigger! and cuter than ever! i just wanna squeeze em!

Jared & Becky said...

Great post. I remember all of the "is this normal?" questions I would ask the NICU nurses and then pediatrician. Hah, I say this as if I don't still take my list of questions to every check up :) BTW the pics of the b-day cake eating are absolutely priceless. They are definitely my kind of girls :) Jared and I have been doing no whites for over a month so I think I would respond to that cake the same way right now :)