Thursday, July 3, 2008

Growth Spurt!

Anna and Margaret visited the pediatrician today for their 12-month appointment - otherwise known as the "it's all fun and games at the doctor's office until the needles come out." They received an excellent report of perfect health, and they're right on track with their milestones - although we did get a mini-lecture on how to put a stop to all those night wakings that we still (STILL!) are experiencing every - single - night. My little non-sleepers - trying to prove to the world every day that they can survive on 6 hours of sleep per night. Dr. Long gave us some good tips - so once the Fourth of July holiday is over, it's Ferber method from here on out!

To my great amazement, the girls gained THREE inches from their 9-month appointment, which means that they're either sneaking fruits, vegetables, and growth hormones behind my back, or perhaps there was an incorrect measurement at some point. Here are the stats:

Height: 30 inches / 73%
Weight: 20 lbs 9 oz / 38%
Head Circumference: 46 cm / 76%

Height: 30 inches / 73%
Weight: 19 lbs 5 oz / 19%
Head Circumference: 46 cm / 76%

So, let's see, I have small(ish), tall(ish) girls. Though many say the girls look exactly like me, those kinds of dimensions definitely don't come from my side of the family, so perhaps Joey's family's DNA is at work and the girls may be taller after all! Of course, Dr. Long indicated that kids often have growth spurts, and then level off, so I imagine they'll even out in the end and grow up to be somewhere near my 5'4" stature. I'm sorry, girls. I'll root for your Daddy's genetics in this case. What definitely comes from my side of the family are those huge noggins. Check out the head size on my kiddos! I have a huge head, as does my father - I'd like to say we need more cranium to fit our enormous brains. Right.

There was a funny little mix-up at the doctor's office when the nurse weighed Anna and declared her to be "29 lbs," a weight which was promptly entered into the computer, assessed by Dr. Long, and raised some red flags as to how Anna gained 12 lbs in 4 months (well, she did eat a lot of birthday cake). After a few seconds of confusion, a once-over of Anna by Dr. Long, and a re-weigh, they discovered their mix-up - obviously the nurse meant 20.9 lbs.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July, everyone! I can't even remember last year's 4th - I was so delirious at that time last year from day 6 of caring for newborn twins. So I'm so excited to be among the land of the living this year, and enjoying it with family and our adorable one year olds. Have a great holiday!

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BuckeyeBundle said...

Happy 4th and Happy 12 month check up girls! Sounds like a great report from the Dr. and I had to chuckle at the weight mix up....geesh that would have been A LOT of birthday cake! :)