Sunday, July 13, 2008

Showing off a new toy

Nana and Grandpa got the girls a very cool play house (Step 2 "Neat and Tidy Cottage") for their first birthday, and Joey and I finally got around to assembling it this weekend. Or, I should say, Joey did all of the assembling, and I was there for moral support. All along, our plans were to put the house in our backyard, but after Anna got a nasty mosquito bite on her face, just below her eye, that now is swollen and puffy and looks awfully like she got socked in the face - we decided to keep the house indoors until the fall, when hopefully there aren't as many mosquitos.

Of course, that raised the question of where on earth would we put a play house inside our living room - and the only solution to that problem was to remove our kitchen table from the room, and place the house where the table once stood. The transformation from a normal living room to a Happy Fun Play Area is complete, and Anna and Margaret officially rule this house.

The girls are seriously loving this house, and the addition of a kitchen play set to the house, complete with pots, pans, a colander, and several cooking utensils have kept them inside this house for about 80% of their waking hours. Thank you, Neat and Tidy Cottage, for keeping my children away from my own pots and pans cabinet, which ordinarily gets emptied about 6 times per day.

Joey took a video of the girls discovering their house for the first time after coming downstairs from their afternoon nap, and I took a few photos as well. Enjoy!

Daddy rings the doorbell

Access is granted

Daddy makes a phone call while he's in the house (while the girls stare at him as if to say, "are you sure you really belong here?")

True Happiness

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Karolyn said...

AWESOME! The girls look like they love it! How fun!