Tuesday, October 7, 2008

15-month check-up stats + picture update

Yesterday was the girls' 15-month pediatrician appointment, during which I discovered that:

A) Anna and Margaret can now open the doors of the exam rooms and fling themselves out into the hallway, running in opposite directions with delight and shrieking while nurses chase them down;
B) They now have sympathy for each other during the dreaded immunization part of the exam and whimpered alongside each other...sad but cute. And not a good thing for the second kiddo (in this case it was Anna) to get her round of shots, as this time around, she had an idea of what was about to happen to her, judging from Margaret's howls;
C) They hold grudges against nurses bearing said shots - Margaret gave Nurse Jessica a growl as we passed her on the way out; and,
D) They have huge noggins. Check out these stats:

Weight: 23 lbs (49th percentile)
Height: 31 inches (60th percentile)
Head circumference: forgot the number...but 92nd (!!!) percentile

Weight: 21 lbs (18th percentile)
Height: 31 inches (60th percentile)
Head circumference: Also joining the big head club at 92nd percentile

I'm behind on getting any photos up but grabbed a few off my camera from the weekend. Enjoy!

Margaret swinging at the park (with her new sneakers on, which she hasn't quite figured out how to walk in just yet and sort of clomps around like she's wearing clown shoes)
The girls' favorite part of Dragon Park: the water sprayer
Anna playing peek-a-boo
Dressed in their "Commodores in Training" t-shirts for a visit to Vanderbilt's campus last Saturday morning for ESPN Gameday
What is it about sneakers and jeans that makes a kid look so grown up?
Margaret being helpful by feeding her friend Josie Cheerios
They actually shared a toy for like 9 seconds
I've made a couple of attempts lately to allow them to feed themselves with a spoon (in this picture, Margaret trying Mott's strawberry banana applesauce). I'm not sure they have the hang of that just yet. But, they had fun. And Mom had a lot to clean up.
Captured during their daily make-out session. Funny, yet kind of weird.


Teresa said...

Big heads = brainiacs like their mom and dad!!

They are getting so big!! I can't believe they're only (already!!!) almost a year and a half old!

Sara said...

Such cute pictures! I know what you mean about the sneakers and jeans, a toddler just all of a sudden looks like a kid and not a baby. And they don't look like they have big heads :-)

The Wilsons said...

They are so darn adorable! That is so cute that they sympathized with each other.

Kate Stuart said...

DAILY make out sessions? You have some seriously affectionate girls! That's so sweet. I hope you're doing well!

rachael said...

my 3 just started shedding tears for each other and it really is one of the sweetest things! we also have some big heads over here, especially in comparison to their tiny bodies. our 15 month appt is on friday, and i bet my girls are at least 3-4 pounds smaller than your girls! i adore their sneakersm, where did you get them?

mleniski said...

I love reading your blog. It gives me all kinds of ideas of what wonderful things we have in store for us when our little guy is born.

Linda said...

They really are growing up so fast! They look like little girls now!

Gail said...

Those girls are SO precious!!! My two haven't reached the sympathy for each other stage yet, but their 2 year old sister sure wants to kill the nurse that gives them shots. lol She told Holly (said nurse doling out flu shots) yesterday, "They are MY babies!" I love seeing how sweet your girls are together. They're just darling!