Friday, October 3, 2008

We live in Tennessee, after all...

I present to you, 2 gals in a pick-up truck!

Taken by my lovely friend Carrie, who allowed Anna and Margaret to crawl around the back of her Honda Ridgeline while it was parked in our driveway. The girls were endlessly amused - it was like an elevated, outdoor playpen.

Carrie and her beautiful newborn baby girl, Adylin Claire ("Ady") came to visit us the other day, during which we (the girls and I, as well as our friend Mandy and her beautiful 9-month old daughter Hannah) sat and ooh'ed and ah'ed over her 3-week old baby, a whopping 7 lbs of cuteness. Her little gurgles and stretches and funny newborn faces (and audible toots - baby farts are funny) made my heart melt. Even her tiny little socks were falling off of her. I loved every second of meeting baby Ady - and was also eternally grateful to my girls for sleeping for the first hour that Ady and Carrie were here, as I knew that the second they were up, we'd have to be protecting poor lil' Ady from a toddler mauling.

As predicted, the girls wanted to touch baby Ady's face and were fixated on the poor kid the entire time she was there. Anna seems especially interested in babies (her new favorite word is "baby," repeated 10x per day - baby, baby, baby). Carrie took a photo of Anna's reaction to a sweet sleeping Ady - that little smile was on her face the entire time Ady was here.

In fact, Anna seems extraordinarily fascinated by both babies and dogs at the moment. Joey and I have been making a habit as of late of going for a jog down our neighborhood's greenway with the girls in their jogging stroller when he gets home from work. It's a perfect way to calm down the girls, get some exercise, and get outdoors and enjoy the fresh, crisp fall air. About that time of the day, many of our neighbors are taking their dogs for walks, and Anna practically jumps out of her seat with excitement every time we pass a dog.

I mention her love for dogs and babies because I find it sweet that Anna, typically the more aggressive of the two girls, has such a sweet side and love for those of the canine and infant variety. It's heartwarming to see, and a nice relief after watching Anna bulldoze through the house all day long, terrorizing poor Margaret and stealing toys out of her hand at every opportunity.

That's the cool part of raising twins - seeing 2 completely different personalities develop, and then being surprised the minute you see a side to them you never expected.


the schirano triplets said...

i am sure you hear this all the time, but look at their hair! it is getting so long and it is seriously gorgeous katie...i love it!

one of my favorite things about having multiples is watching those 3 distinct personalities take root and grow. all the while changing in some crazy, unexpected ways!

Sara said...

Oh, I love her expression! How fun it must be to find such a wonderful quality in her :-)

Gail said...

How very precious! Anna looks so sweet in the picture with baby Ady. Both of your girls are adorable too! I adore the truck shot. :)

BuckeyeBundle said...

too cute! Your girls seem so adventurous and I love that! Finding fun around every corner!