Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A trip to the farm

Joey, the girls and I made a trip to Gentry's Farm and Pumpkin Patch this past Sunday.   Anna and Margaret had a great time - Gentry's had this children's activity area where the girls saw goats, chicken, and roosters; rode the toy tractors; climbed up a little barn ladder and slid down a slide; played with farm animal toys in a little barn play area; swung on the tire swings (with assistance from us, of course); ran through the 4-acre corn maze; and their favorite thing of all - they played in this area that had feed troughs set up filled with shovels, toys, and grain feed. That seriously fascinated them - I think we were there for 45 minutes.

Here are a few photos from the fun day! What is lacking is a trip to the actual pumpkin patch - we wore them out so much doing everything else that we never made it to the pumpkins.  But we managed to pick 2 up for our front porch on our way out.

Walking up to the farm entrance - on an unusually hot October day.  We had 4 straight days of upper 80-degree weather.
Anna quite proud of herself for climbing up an old, rickety, narrow barn ladder (and Margaret in the background, contemplating going down the slide on the other side).  And then there was me - praying for no trips to the Emergency Room.
This little city girl can drive a tractor!
Or maybe not.

Anna caught site of the goats (which she called "dogs," hee hee) and was immediately out of there.

Playing with the toys in the troughs

Do not feed the animals.  Don't feed the goats, either.
And we're back to the troughs.  Those things held their attention for so long that I briefly entertained the notion of buying a trough and putting one out on our deck for them to play in.  And hey - I can feed them out there too!
Running after Daddy in the corn maze.  I love the fact that they've actually started to figure out how to run - even if it's still a little bouncy and awkward looking.

Catching up to Daddy!  I was so proud of the girls - they walked/ran the majority of this corn maze without Joey or I holding them.  I think they were so enamored by the fact that they could walk wherever without us stopping them.  Margaret lagged behind because she kept wanting to pick up the ears of corn on the ground.  Our little hunter/gatherer.


Harris Boys said...

how fun katie! I just adore that last pic of joey and the girls. what a fun day and a great way to spend a sunday afternoon. Hope you guys are doing well :)

BuckeyeBundle said...

Oh my goodness. This sounds like such a fun day! I was just telling someone else, that I really need to find a cool pumpkin patch near us that has all of this extra cool stuff. Not that my girls would get much out of it this year, but next year, I really think they will love it. I am still laughing at your idea to buy a trough for your deck! HAHA!! that made me laugh out loud!

I have really enjoyed watching your girls experience do an amazing job. Thanks for letting me sneak a peek. :)

rachael said...

it looks like your girls really enjoyed the day! i love this post because you really captured so much of their personalities with the images you chose and words you wrote. it was fun seeing such a perfect little peek into your lives!

monica said...

Looks like a great day was had by all. I love the running pictures in the corn maze. I great way to burn some energy! Glad that was great weather also.

Jared & Becky said...

So funny! We did the same thing. We went to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch and didn't make it to the pumpkin part. I think with twins you just have to wing it sometimes. :) Glad all went well!

Souza Sisters said...

Your girls are so cute!! Looks like a really fun place! Love the tractor pix...

The Wilsons said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. The girls are getting so big. I still remember the picture of them climbing in the fridge from your siggy...that seems so long ago.

Linda said...

Looks like they had a great time!

Brianna said...

Your kids are so cute..!! They had a great time.