Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We have a nephew!!

Joey and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our nephew - the son of Joey's brother, Aaron, and sister-in-law, Michelle!

Logan Anthony 
Born October 13, 2008
4:20 p.m.
8 lbs, 8 oz
21 inches*

He is beautiful and perfect and gorgeous in every way - an adorable face with rosy cheeks, long, dark, eyelashes, and a head full of thick, black hair.  Photographic evidence is on their blog!

We're so thrilled for Aaron and Michelle, and so very proud to have a nephew.  It's so hard to not be there and hold him - so we're making a trip up to Indiana soon to visit, during which I plan to cuddle Logan and stare at his adorableness.  

Congratulations and welcome to the world, Logan!!!  Logan is the first grandson on Joey's side, after 4 girls in a row.  Prepare yourself, Logan.  You may have to fight off some bossy girls in a few years from attempting to dress you up or make you join a tea party.

*Making note of the fact that Logan is just a little less than 1/3 of the size of my very petite sister-in-law, Michelle.  Hee hee.  


rachael said...

congratulations on your nephew and the girls' new cousin! and congratulations to the new mommy and daddy! he is beautiful!!! welcome to the world logan!

BuckeyeBundle said...

congratulations and Welcome Logan! I bet the girls are going to just love all over him! :)